Differential Repair in Okotoks

In the truck repair industry, there is a general consensus that the differential is the one piece of equipment that is least understood and most under-appreciated. Most Okotoks drivers don’t realize this, but the differential is the difference between a smooth, accident-free drive and one where you find yourself off the road and in a ditch.

You see, when turning corners the two outside set of tires have a slightly longer distance to travel than the inside ones, and as a result they have to turn a little faster than those on the inside. The differential is the piece of magic that allows this to happen without sending your heavy-duty diesel truck spiraling out of control.

Most Okotoks drivers won’t know there is a problem with their trucks' differential until they have to take sharp turns at decent speed. That is when the penny drops. If you notice a problem with the ease at which your truck is turning corners then there is a very good chance that this is because of a differential related problem. Luckily for you CG Truck and Equipment Repair Inc provides an award-winning differential repair service. What’s more, our state-of-the-art equipment means that we will be able to diagnose and repair the problem in no time at all, meaning you endure as little inconvenience as possible.

How Your Diesel Truck’s Differential Works

The differential is the component in your heavy-duty diesel truck that allows your truck to rotate at different speeds without the wheel binding. If you are driving a rear-wheel drive then the differential is the bulge in the middle of the axle. However, if you have a front-wheel drive then the differential function is controlled by the transaxle. Nowadays, a lot of Okotoks trucks are all-wheel drives and, as such, have differentials on both axles as well as a transfer case between both axles to compensate for any speed differentials between the two.

Ways to Maintain Your Truck’s Differential

The differential in your heavy-duty diesel truck is one of the strongest and most durable pieces of equipment. It is tough, can withstand tons of pressure, and is built to last. However to ensure that it doesn’t rust or deteriorate it is crucial to keep it lubricated at all times.

Differential fluid cools and protects the gears from wear and tear and is a crucial ingredient in the recipe of happy truck maintenance. At CG Truck and Equipment Repair Inc, our mechanics will check your differential fluid and make any necessary adjustments. Low differential fluid levels not only affect the effectiveness of your trucks’ gears but could also cause the differential to become too hot and wear prematurely. Fresh differential fluid will extend its life and the best way of achieving that is by ensuring that your heavy-duty diesel truck is regularly checked by mechanics you can trust. CG Truck and Equipment Repair Inc is that garage. Don’t take chances with inferior providers contact the team you can trust today.