Radiator Repair in Calgary

Anyone who works in a busy working environment in Calgary will be aware of the benefits of letting off a little steam on a Friday evening with friends. Unfortunately if your heavy-duty diesel truck is the one letting off the steam then there is a good chance that your weekend plans could be put in serious jeopardy.

If your truck is overheating then it is never a good sign and is an issue that needs to be addressed quickly. There are a number of common reasons for an overheating engine and at CG Truck and Equipment Repair Inc our skilled team of mechanics has the experience and equipment to diagnose the problem and have your heavy-duty diesel truck back to its best in no time at all. Don’t take chances with something as important as an overheating engine, call the mechanics Calgary relies on today.

Don’t be the guy on the side of the road covered in steam!

Chances are if you’ve driven in Calgary for any significant period of time you have more than likely seen someone’s steaming truck on the side of the road. At CG Truck and Equipment Repair Inc we always advise our customers not to be that person.

One of the most common ways of ensuring that you never have to deal with an overheating engine is to ensure that all aspects of your truck’s cooling system are properly maintained and, if needed, repaired. One of the most important things to consider is your heavy-duty diesel truck’s radiator.

Why is my truck’s radiator so important?

This is a commonly asked question among Calgary motorists and the answer is very simple. In essence, the radiator in your heavy-duty diesel truck is responsible for ensuring that the coolant which is needed to keep your engine from over-heating is distributed and processed evenly. The radiator hoses are primarily responsible for this task and need to be strong and sturdy enough to be able to handle the heat of an engine that can reach incredibly high temperatures. By the same token, the radiator cap and tubes ensure that the radiator operates to an optimal level consistently.

Any repair or damage to your truck’s radiator can have a series of consequences for your heavy-duty diesel truck and, as such, needs to be monitored very closely.

What does your radiator repair service look like?

The radiator is the most important part of your heavy-duty diesel truck’s cooling system. As such, we take the maintenance and repair of truck radiators very seriously. During a standard radiator repair service our mechanics will typically:

  • Inspect the hoses and belts of the radiator for signs of leaks or fractures.
  • Check the fluid level and assess if any blockages in the radiator tubes are causing the coolant not to reach the engine efficiently.
  • Look for any signs of oxidation on the radiator.
  • Search for fluid leaks which may indicate that the radiator is not performing optimally.